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Bonsai Maple Tree – Rare Blue Bonsai Seeds

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Product Description:

Bonsai Maple Tree – Rare Blue Bonsai

Bonsai Maple Tree – Rare Blue Bonsai is a very beautiful bonsai tree. It is the best bonsai for beginners. It is the most popular bonsai tree because of its beautiful color, energizing aura and ease of taking care. We provide 20 seeds for you to grow and nourish.

As a matter of fact, you can add a unique touch to your space with this beautiful bonsai tree. This amazing planter gives off a zen and energizing aura, sprucing up your home or any place you choose to place it. This is the best bonsai tree if you are a true believer in making your home more like a soothing place. Also, its bright color will have the guests in complete awe.

Bonsai Maple Tree - Rare Blue Bonsai

If you are new to this interest and wondering about the technical keys of bonsai planting then here are some tips for you. Firstly, you have to pot your seeds in Autumn, Secondly, make a draining pot that is approximately 6″ deep. Third, fill 1/4th of the bottom of the pot with a layer of gravel and a layer of fine clay. Fourthly, add some compost with the mix. Then, place the seeds on the surface approximately 2-5 cm apart. After that, cover the seeds with a new layer of mixtures. Finally, Water the soil a fair amount.

Bonsai Maple Tree - Rare Blue Bonsai

So, maybe you are thinking that you are done with the bonsai tree but you are not! Please keep in mind the following care instructions:

  • Keep your seed bed damp but not too wet
  • Try to keep your seed in sunlight
  • seeds can be separated and re-potted in bigger pots after the first year.
  • After seeds germinate do Not prune
  • Train your seeds to become bonsai trees with wiring, pruning and patience



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