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 We are proud to say that All of our products and the raw materials used in them, are


And our molds are designed and have been manufactured in Florida By us since 1992!

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Looking for that unique present for the man or woman do-it-yourselfer in your life?
Or maybe you want to start a small home business like other customers have done!
We have a number of different do-it-yourself stone-making project kits. 
Yes... stone making!

The "How To" Process Is So Simple... Virtually Anyone Can Do It! 

It'S Like Making A Cake!  But No Oven Is Needed!  

Here'S How...

1.     Lubricate The Molds... A Light Vegetable Oil Will Do If You Don'T Have Mold Release.

2.     Mix A Bag Of Pre-Mix Concrete… Get A Shovel, Water, And Something To Mix It In.

3.     Add Some Concrete Color, Which Is Optional… Unless You Want Just Plain Gray.

4.     Pour Mix Into Molds… Vibrate A Bit To Compact Concrete And Release Air Bubbles.

5.     Let The Filled Molds Sit A Day Or So, Undisturbed… Over-Night Is Fine.

6.     Carefully Flip The Molds Over The Next Day… And Pop Out What You’Ve Created From The Mold! 

That is obviously a simplified version of the process, but it Is that easy.  And FREE instructions and email support are included with each purchase.

THESE 20 (ALL DIFFERENT) MOLDS (#ODF-05) MAKE OUR OLDE DRYSTACK STACKSTONE FLAT-FACED STONE VENEER AS ILLUSTRATED... AND CAN SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON YOUR PROJECT!  MAKE THIS STONE VENEER FOR Less than $0.50 a square foot!NOT THE $6.00 A SQUARE FOOT CHARGED IN HOME SUPPLY STORES AND DISTRIBUTORS.EVERYTHING INCLUDED IN THE KIT BUT THE BAGS OF CONCRETE SAND MIX AND THE WATER.The photo of the "kit" in this listing is actually of our ledgestone diy project kit. but you are purchasing our drystack stackstone molds kit as illustrated by the individual photos of each of the five sets. we do not have a photo of the actual set, so this photo is representative of that set. some of the mold "cavities" in this stone style are joined together in a group to make it easier and faster to make and install.  but they were actually individual stones prior to be joined on the master board. this complete set poured will cover about 15 square feet of area per pour.
Please note: the stones in the photo of the solid stackstone wall are very tight to each other due to slightly cutting or grinding down the sides to make them more flush with each other. the stones made with these molds will have a slightly larger spacing due to the side angle... as much as 1/4" between each stone. this is so the stones can be de-molded easier, and so they will blend with the drystack ledgestone sets of stones in a mixed wall. if you desire very tight layers of stone, you may want to grind the sides down a bit to achieve this. this can be done easily with a composite masonry blade in a circular saw, or trim them with a wet saw to get them to fit tighter. this should only take a minute to do on each stone.
Description of kit-odf-20  
This kit includes all material needed to make thousands of square feet of stone, except for the concrete mix and water. No special equipment, experience, or skills are required to make beautiful custom-colored stone for your project.  Just follow our simple instructions.  Many of the project photos on our websites were done by first-time producers.  Each mold can be used hundreds of times if cared for and used properly.  If you need additional molds, they can be purchased in our store after or while purchasing this kit.  And complete instructions and support are included FREE!
This kit includes:
1 set of 20 (all different) olde drystack flat-faced stackstone veneer molds (mold set #odf-05)
1 quart msp professional mold release  
2 quarts stonekote sealer 
5 lbs. concrete colorant (1 brown, 1 harvest gold, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 black) 
8 oz. special premix concrete additive.  
Free shipping within the continental usa, and discounted shipping to elsewhere in the world!
And an email and website support package to answer any questions you may have regarding making or installing the stone. 
Yes... you can do it!
Order now and receive free bonuses that include: 
Basic installation instructions on how to install stone, brick, and pavers.  Free lifetime email support and access to our training and instructions website and videos.  should you have questions ever... just email us for answers, or go to the website.

Order your stone manufacturing kit today...  Be making custom stone... next week!

The excuses are gone... 

This is a great present for the homeowner and do-it-yourselfer.  everything needed to  make stone for a home project!  or... a great starter package for a small start-up business! 
We have a number of different sized project kits that include everything needed except the concrete.  email for further  details, or check out our other packages in our  store.

They make a great present!

SquLearn to make stone!  And you can make it almost anywhere!

Your garage... barn... backyard shed... or basement!  a great winter project!  make the stone this winter to apply to your home, fireplace, patio, or driveway next spring!

Start next week!

You can be manufacturing stone like this next week... with no experience!  once you are set up, materials to make our custom stone cost as little as $0.30 per square foot!  this stone veneer would retail for up to $6.00+ per square foot, depending on your market area.  in some areas, custom concrete stone sells for over $10.00 per square foot!  

If you currently own your own business, this may make a great add-on to it.  we have a number of folks doing counter tops, driveway overlays, swimming pools, landscaping, and other home improvement businesses... that have added this to their business successfully, and enjoyed an added revenue source with little competition. 

Or... just use it as it was designed... as a All-In-One Package of products to make stone for Your home project. 

You get enough material to make hundreds of square feet of stone, worth thousands of dollars, depending on your market.

All for only $209.98! 

We've provided complete training to thousands of entrepreneurs and do-it-yourselfers since 1992...

Why not  to you? 

More about the concrete stone, tile, brick, and paver market
Man-made stone and decorative concrete are the two hottest decorating trends in america... and we can help you be a part of it with these “do-it-yourself project kits”. all of the raw materials are included in these kits except for the concrete mix and water!
Do-it-yourself, hand-made, custom-colored, concrete (or plaster), stone, brick, tile, pavers, cobblestone, steppingstones, stone veneer, and other concrete products are hot!  you can now make your own, right at home, for about .28 to .65 cents per square foot, depending on the thickness desired.  with our “do-it-yourself project kits”, all raw material needed is included except for the concrete (or plaster) and water.  these do-it-yourself project kits include the molds, concrete colors, mold release, additive, and sealer needed to make professional-looking concrete products for your project.  you will receive complete training and instructions through our training website. and remember… we are only an email away should you need additional help or advice. 
Why make it yourself? many of our customers make their own stone and tile because it can be made for a fraction of what it would cost from a distributor.  many do it because the process is fun and so simple.  and many do it just for the pride and self-gratification of doing it themselves!  as one of our customers recently put it... "this stone project will be my legacy".  
Why pay six to twelve dollars or more per square foot for man-made stone, when you can make it yourself for a fraction of that price? And you can get the colors and the styles You want!  No need to "settle" for a tile or paver color that a distributor has, when you can make your own custom-colored products for pennies per square foot.  And as many women as men are casting their own concrete stone with our kits. No special equipment, talent, or a kiln is needed.  And the cost to make the stone or tile is a fraction of the value added to your home as a result of adding it!  The stone, tile, brick, and pavers that you cast will last a lifetime and beyond!  Many of our customers, both men and women, end up starting a small profitable business casting custom stone, pavers, and tile!  Since 1992, we’ve helped thousands of do-it-yourselfers make professional looking stone products for their homes… and for their businesses… WHY NOT YOU?

Your project might even turn into a great family business!  something to pass down to the kids some day.

This kit that you are purchasing is for our "olde drystack stackstone" style of stone.  see below for the exact contents of the kit, and to see photos of installations and molds.  the first three installation photos illustrate this style of stone... made and Installed... by ers, just like you! 

The next five photos illustrate the actual molds, in sheet form, that you will receive. (the molds you receive are pre-cut before shipping).  The remainder of the installation photos are of some of our other stone, brick, tile and paver styles of kits.  These kits contain everything that is in this kit, except that the molds are different.

We offer kits to make:

Olde appalachian fieldstone - Olde drystack ledgestone - Olde ocoee river rock - Olde castlestone - Antique bricks - Various sized cobblestone - Various sized pavers - 18" square thick slate slabs - floor tile - and more...

Want to see what some of our material looks like?  want to see additional photos of our molds, supplies, and installations?  want to explore other opportunity packages that we offer?  want a larger package?  want a package that includes more supplies... like more additives, colorant, sealers, mold release?  want more molds?



Do you have questions not answered here or on our website?  Phone or email us. 

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 These molds can be used hundreds of times if cared for properly. they are made with .060, high-impact, rubberized abs plastic for strength, durability, and flexibility. 

Interested in starting your own business?   Become an "olde world stone & tile" producer! 

Since 1992, we've trained hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide in how to start and succeed in their own tile and stone manufacturing businesses!  Our business is mold design and manufacturing, so Our success is truly dependent on Your success!


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For additional product information, tile and stone installation photos, and more...

Visit our extensive oldeworld and themoldstore websites, or if you have questions, feel free to email or phone us.

Item specifics
product type: Stepping stones & rocks
material: .060 high-impact, rubberized abs plastic country of manufacture: United states
Olde world stone
theme: Drystack molds mpn:
main color: Custom by you country/region of manufacture: United states
Does not apply



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